Believing and Black and Woman amongst other things

So I have to write. I just noticed when I realized I had forgotten my password, that I last wrote a little over a year ago. Before moving to Austin. Before starting an attending job. So I suck at this, but you love me anyway.

I feel compelled to write because something is bothering me. This whole thing about identity–gender and ethnicity–the cultural wars around them both and the need to validate the pain and struggle and violence rendered to people of my demographic, and the desire to be loved and valued and appreciated because we are also Imago Dei.

Beyonce’s Formation and now Lemonade are being lauded as places where this is happening.

I have to stand up and say this is FALSE.

This is not Gospel, folks. This is apostate and occult and sinister and insidious and ANTICHRIST.

We do not have “power within us” we are not “enough on our own and with our sisters” we do not dole out vengeance or heal or forgive on our own.

It is NOT through our blood or our creative force that this is possible.

It is the through the redeeming blood of Christ that this is possible. God who is neither male nor female. who loves and submits in triune Unity.

THAT is where this happens. When we look to Christ for fulfillment and value.

I am extremely disheartened at the lack of discernment in fellow Believing women and the drinking of the kool-aid of this cultural phenomenon.

This is scary stuff folks. God will not be mocked—combining Christian imagery with ancestor worship and mother earth and sensuality is witchcraft and nothing else.

Christ before my gender. Christ before my ethnicity. Christ before every other part of my person.


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