absence makes the heart grow fonder

Gee, I really cannot be bothered to check in on a regular basis can I?

Well, as per usual there is much change afoot.

Finishing up fellowship in the Big Apple in a little less than 8 weeks, and moving to Austin to start my first real job.

Away from the eastern seaboard.

Back to the South.

But in a new city I’ve never lived and have only visited once.

This is extremely exciting. I will admit that the level of bittersweet fluctuates with my emotional state here in Manhattan. On the days I feel alone or tired of the rat race, or frustrated with work, or skeeved out by the dirtiness of the city, I can look ahead to greener lands (literally), where the sweet tea flows, people two-step, Y’all is an acceptable pronoun, and yet it is a new adventure.

Today, I would say I am very excited. Community is elusive in New York. Everyone goes their own way, has their own agenda or plan, as boyfriends, girlfriends, work, school, success, children, public transit, or just flakiness/lack of dependability often derail lots of good intentions to keep in touch. It is difficult to have super airtight relationships with people at work, as that just seems to not be done. Other times, people don’t really like to open their lives to you, so you can try but at some point, you doing all of the texting, inviting, organizing is just moot. what’s the point. it shouldn’t be that hard.

I am glad to be starting afresh.

I am also nervous. But that’s okay.


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