So much to say

So I have been in Manhattan for about a month. 


I am really glad to have a roommate.  She is absolutely lovely. I would feel really lonely here if I didn’t. It’s interesting how I might know people here, but because of being spread across town/boroughs and different work and travel schedules, I haven’t really seen anyone that I know.

I also have not heard from anyone to make plans. With the exception of friends who have moved away from the city as I moved here, friends who have popped into town, and one friend who lives here, no one else that I told I would be moving here has called to check in or make plans. My favorite, was when I told someone I thought was a friend that I was moving, and they responded with, “good luck with your move.” 


thanks a lot. 

in addition, I am struck by the really good friends I have who live in various places that I really miss. I think MG’s death has also made this much more acute. I have this desire to really connect with people, and feel like I’m coming up short. 

I’ll be so happy when Allie arrives. The fellowship of Believers is something I’m really missing here. (shout out to Chachu and the Liberti peeps). I have found a church that I think is a good fit, but I haven’t met anyone there who is not visiting too. 


Growing pains I guess.



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