goodbye 20s, hello 30–nice to meet you



the 20s have been interesting. I remember my 20th birthday, I was greeted with a sesame street ice cream cake by none other than James Wells at my dorm in the middle of finals studying. After finals were over, I had a joint birthday party with Michelle Higgins, my bible study leader. and she proceeded to then try to mash my face in another birthday cake. good times. 

This decade has been full of love, loss, and everything in between.

I graduated from college, medical school, and almost completely finished my residency (formally ends in June). 

I lost my grandfather, great-grandmother, and one of my god-mothers to the thief that will steal us all one day.

I’ve had my share of friend drama–with people walking out most likely never to return, and the battles that didn’t dictate the war—friends that now are closer than ever before (Love you Silpsley and Allison).

I’ve lived in Nashville and Philadelphia, and am now Manhattan (a dream no more!) bound.

I’ve lived with a crazy roommate, and multiple other wonderful roommates. I’ve lived alone, learning to relish my solitude. 

I’ve had my heart broken once and my ego bruised numerous times. And I have moved on, I presume better for the process. 😉


I’ve lost my focus on occasion, but have righted this wrong, knowing that though narrow the way, and often precariously suspended in the air with fog in front, it does leave to salvation. 

God is good. and faithful. when I suck. when I’m a brat. when I’m unsatisfied and envious. When I doubt him and myself. When I feel absolutely overwhelmed and alone. When I am filled to the brim with joy and thanksgiving. 

I have learned that all things come and go. but that He is sure. He has also shown me his love through some amazing friends and my most wonderful family. He has provided over and over. and for the most part, my being my own best company, has been good.

He has saved me. from subpar relationships with insecure and selfish people, from my own sin and hardness. from feeling that i have to be conformed to the way the world works. 

and so on this eve of my 30th birthday, I am excited to see where the next leg of the journey goes. If it is more alone time, I think I am good with that. If it is exciting breakthroughs in medicine, or if it is just serving my favorite population (slowly moving old people) with kindness and consideration. if it is full of pomp and adventure, or just the small treasures of a farmers market, a concert, a moment in a museum. whatever it may be, I say





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