what question are you afraid to ask

So I have finally returned. I feel like I have been on vacation!

Last week I was in New Paltz, NY for the movement disorders retreat and then i returned home long enough to repack my bags and go to Memphis for Keerthi’s wedding.

I woke up Friday to find that the city that I was suppose to be connecting through experiencing nasty weather, so I tried to beat fate and changed my flight to an earlier one. 

I still ended up delayed, but made it unscathed to Memphis and ready to go!

Anne is always such a good host and she and I met up with Isaac to explore an art crawl and listen to some music.

This becomes a perfect segue into things that are making me happy this week:

1. One perk of the south, besides y’all, sweet tea, and biscuits is not having to pay for drinks. 

Thank you gentlemen, thank you little old man Derek. your generosity is noted.

2. While I might not be in the market for any new ones, good guy friends are really great. 

Thank you for making me feel pretty and adding an air of mystery as my wedding date. (one again, your kindness is duly noted, I will bake for you in the future).  


and this transitions to my last bit:

debunking ideas.

so my friend Trent is a bit of a “truth speaker” he doesn’t candy coat things or calls out insincerity when it is present.

ergo the title of this blog. 

how much does ethnicity or religion play into my interactions with the men I have been interested in?

will one or both of these things always be the elephant in the room?

are the things that would make this go away things that i just can’t/shouldn’t anyway change about myself?

As a type A- person who is goals-oriented. as a woman who likes to fix things/improve myself, these sort of things are completely distressing.

if i had a flaw i could fix, i would like to know to fix it. but maybe this just is what it is.

and so, I shall work on being bilingual, and being a good Fellow, and figuring out more of what I want my life to look like. 

what did someone say? all you have is yourself.

and God of course. 


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