on women

if there is one thing i am not, it is a feminist.

i would like to disclaim the above statement because it might be inflammatory. I am a Christian Humanist.
This means that I think that men and women are made in the image of God, with complementary attributes.
It also means that I think just as Annie does, “anything you can do, i can do better….” except probably in not so bratty a fashion.
I can work outside of the home. I can lift weights. I can also have a baby and bake. I can write a novel, perform a surgery, run a company, or design clothing.
all of these things are valid, and neither is more important than the other.
the point is that the value of a human transcends their gender. So a feminist, I am not.
I want to be treated with respect that as a human, I deserve. Equal pay, equal opportunity. And also protection and consideration–clearly if you see me lugging a heavy bag and I need the door open, You would do that for me– whether I was a man or woman.
To this end, my sexuality should not be my weapon. nor should I have to depend on it to get what I want. and so that is my bone to pick with the world.
I know there are some men who have been victims of this too, but more so this seems to be a woman’s problem–at least it seems.
-if a woman feels she needs to be sensual or show more skin to get success then we have a ways to go.
-if a young girl thinks that in order to be an “adult” or seen as a “legitimate artist” she has to shed a “good-girl” image by posing for magazines, or making out with other girls, or being all together crass, then we have a problem.
-when other women perpetuate these scenarios and when men encourage this behavior for their own shallow needs, we should be ashamed.
don’t even get me started on the subject of prostitution or pornography and how these things segue into sexual violence and human trafficking.
-Thank you Janelle Monae for showing that true musical talent can be embodied in a beautiful woman who also doesn’t flaunt her cleavage for the world to see–those suits are awesome.
– ladies who feel that empowerment = being half naked, elaborating on and on about your sexual prowess, you are fueling the fire that we have nothing to offer but our bodies. FAIL. you are not a powerful woman.
Go read a book. learn a language. play an instrument, master a sport. create something.
and please, put your clothes on and stop shaking your behind.
*remember those who have gone before who did not have a fraction of the platform we have. do. not. squander. it.
AND before I go–this also translates into relationships–
I’ve heard of men who what their wives/girlfriends to dress “sexier”. meanwhile, they look like 15 year old slobs. seriously? come -on!
And why are women that are decisive and intelligent intimidating? these things don’t mean they are cold and emotionless.
but that is an entirely different post all together!

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