to infinity and beyond!

sad that i’ve actually never seen Toy Story. it’s almost as sad as the fact that i’m very lazy and don’t like capitalizing the start of sentences….i don’t know why my computer isn’t smart enough to just do that for me.

anyway, while i wait for my dear friend Danna to call for our phone date, i figured i would write a bit. i might leave in the middle of a thought, in which case, i’ll let you know, so it won’t seem so random.

this week has been somewhat productive. i’m the senior resident in the urgent care clinic, i completed my final clinical evaluation of residency, presented  treatment algorithms on essential tremor and parkinson’s disease, and have started to work on slides for  a research project talk which is a month from april 9. not too shabby.

this weekend i have my final 24 hour call in a hospital. another thing to check off of the list. i would’ve been done, but the powers that be mucked about with the schedule.

it is not yet spring. i don’t care what month it is–30 degrees is not spring.

and i go up to apartment hunt in manhattan next weekend.

of course as i have placed a moratorium on spending, i have found all sorts of things that i want– like a nice pair of old man pajamas, a new bag, a necklace, new sheets, books, kitchenware…what is wrong with me?

so let me just go to things that are making me happy this week, since i’ll not be around to do it this weekend:

1. the goodness of God. I have seen God’s kindness and mercy in my own life, but it is fantastic to see that favor lavished on people you love. So EXCITED for you Allie-kins!

2. suri’s burn book–i laughed aloud (for real) when i read the post about amy poehler’s adorable red-headed child. this tumblr is good for the soul.

3. this week’s mindy project in which she goes out with a Lutheran minister. absolutely point on satire of christian culture, “cool church” (lame). super good.

4. cheese. i’ve been eating those little bella cheeses in the red wax with crackers for snack. yum! and i bought some goat cheese brie, and totally plan on buying bread at whole foods while at work saturday and snacking on that and a pear.

5. the new Cold War Kids album. better yet Spotify. Thanks Brock. that spotify made all of your you-ness worth it I must say.

and so children, goodnight.


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