what is making me happy this week

So this was my last week of movement elective at one of the community hospitals–one of the things making me happy is people’s kindness and generosity.

I came out of a patient’s room yesterday to find a whole food’s chocolate mousse cake that said “best wishes Dr. Stone!” and it so warmed my heart. It was from the nursing staff in the clinic! And i’m only a resident there.

Another would be bright nail polish. I painted my nails in honor of Easter last evening a lovely shade of electric pink (even got a compliment on them in Trader Joes’ Today). Zoya’s Ali. ( http://www.zoya.com ) love love love them.

Store Reward Programs would be another. I happen to have a Banana republic card that I always pay back immediately, but that when I use it to buy work clothes, I always manage to get 30-40% off a purchase and eventually earn a $10 credit off. which is pretty awesome. 

Last, but most definitely not least is Easter. Christmas of course gets a lot of attention, but the older I have gotten, the more I appreciate Easter. A holiday celebrating the sacrifice of God and the victory over death and sickness and evil. Doesn’t get much better than that. 

Hopefully my pecan salted caramel tart is a success tomorrow. Fingers crossed that the caramel sets, there aren’t too many pecans (is that possible?) and that the crust isn’t doughy….i’m walking away from staring at it now.

i shall already say–



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