Things that make me HAPPY

So my Christmas gift to myself this past year was an ipad mini named Herbert.

He is wonderful in so many ways–one of which is me getting into podcasts.

Now in addition to my spotify playlists when I bake or travel, I have officially become an old woman by listening to various NPR broadcasts. One of them, “Pop Culture Happy Hour” has a bit about what is making the roundtable of hosts happy. In attempt to maintain more posting on here, I’m going to try to do the same.

1. The above- podcasts. my favorites thus far: This American Life, Pop Culture Happy Hour, Fresh Air, Selected Shorts (actors/actresses read well-known short stories), and The Joy the Baker Podcast. I’m open to other recs.

2. Duolingo- Thank you boy #3 for this link. courtesy of this, I am practicing my Spanish daily! onward and upward to fluency.  did I mention it’s free, and you can also learn french, german ,or italian.

3. the new Justin Timberlake album. who knew a pop album about being IN LOVE would be so enjoyable. and not like alicia keys who is a crook and thinks she’s cheated the cosmos by stealing someone else’s husband. an actual reasonable union. and so Justin and Jessica. you have to stay together.

4. NCIS marathon this weekend. more proof that i’m an old woman.

5. Bates Motel on A&E. Who can resist the adorable nature of Freddie Highmore?

6. citrus fruit. I have grapefruit and mineolas in the fridge. AND mint. a citrus salad is in the works.

7. and finally, since 7 is a nice whole number. Crabbie’s Ginger Beer. Discovered this Saturday at Nomad Pizza here in town when my co-workers and I had to meet up to make a treatment algorithm. Definitely made it more enjoyable. and they are sneaky. literally boozy ginger ale.

happy Holy week folks.

till we meet again.


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  1. Have you ever checked out RadioLab? I listen on my iPhone through the Stitcher app. Recent favorite episodes: (would love to know how YOUR responses would stack up, doctor!)
    (Really, who knew!?)

    Love you, and this! 🙂

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