You’re my reflection

Well Jessica Biel, how does it feel for someone….not just SOMEONE, but JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE to write a 7 minute song about you being just that.

My heart is full for you actually.

I might have teared up a wee bit listening to the end of the song.

Please make the universe happy and stay together, surpassing the hollywood odds.

okay. moving on.

The 20/20 experience is really quite good. I’m pleased. I might be a tad giddy.

in that vein, I was driving home thinking of the random deadlines I have to meet, and started thinking about life. and dating. and love. and marriage. and spring.

I think every season’s change does that to me. I just watch people a bit more, get a tad wistful, and try to imagine a life in which I am that important to someone. Usually it is relatively fleeting and I don’t get too bummed about not being that.

I do have a scenario that I’ll throw out here since I can…..especially since the person to whom it refers most likely will never happen upon this blog. and if he does, and is sharp enough to know it is about him, then he can tell me so!

actually, i’ll leave it to reader interaction. if someone wants to know, leave a message. if not, i’ll leave it be.

in the mean time, I’m off to bake a red wine chocolate cake. and maybe, just maybe, work on article review that is due on friday.


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