Life is but a Vapor

since most people who read this blog know me, they know that my mother has this delightful accent courtesy of being from the Bahamas. She moved here around the age of 18-19 to go to college, met my dad, got engaged, moved back home for a year, and then got married and moved back to the US around 20/21. 

She is the oldest of 7 children, and the rest of her family, besides some extended cousins in florida and connecticut, live in the Bahamas…or England.

Because of this, I am by default closer to my dad’s family. I went to church with them, they picked me up from school, chaperoned things my parents couldn’t on occasion, met my friends, came to my concerts, moved me into college and into my apartment for residency. 


Now my mother’s siblings, I know from conference calls on the holidays, the occasional visit to the bahamas for a wedding or a holiday as a child, my graduations from high school, college, and medical school (a core group always came to support). my grandma would spend the summers with me, bringing the occasional cousin in tow who would break my toys and terrorize me alternately with us laughing about whatever kids laugh about. 

But it was very different. We just were not apart of each other’s everyday lives, and there is no substitute for that.

My aunt Petra and Uncle Prescott however really made an effort to get to know my brother and I. she had a cell phone that we could use to check in, and I would call once a month to say hello. she came to every graduation, very graciously they would send money for birthdays or holidays or for trips. Uncle Prescott was the mellow to Aunt Peach’s vivacity. A quiet man with a slow smile and dimples. Soft spoken and not too verbose until he had a bit to drink, at which time he would wax profound on any subject. He didn’t seem like an uncle by marriage, he was family. 

and now he is gone.

He had a massive brainstem hemorrhage on Sunday morning. and deteriorated from there. I have a lot I could say about the healthcare in nassau, but I’ll abstain, since there is no point.

All I know is that a 47 year old man who was healthy is dead.

My aunt is now a widow.

My mother and her siblings lost a brother.

I never get the opportunity to get to know him better.

And that to me is sad.

I know however that God’s love is never failing. That He is nearer and more present than ever.

That he cares.

and may whatever redemption that can come from this horrible tragedy come.




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2 responses to “Life is but a Vapor

  1. gina

    my sincere condolescences to you and your family

  2. thank you! (and sorry for the delay)

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