Goal-y McGoals/ Dreamy McDreams

i think doing what I did to the title of this post is fun to do words. but that is besides the point. i should really capitalize the starts of my sentences, but since really only familiar people read this, I don’t feel the need.

So back to the above. Things I’d like to do in this year….and I use that term loosely, since I still sort of live on an academic year (It’s nice to have 3 new years! Jan 1, my birthday, and the start of the academic year).

1. make homemade candybars. i found a recipe for butterfingers and snickers.

2. make more jewelry.

3. write more letters.

4. clear out all of the papers that need to be shredded and organize my paperwork. (that will have to happen since i’m moving).

5. go to a music festival–whether coachella, sxsw, acl, pitchfork, or the governor’s island one. 

6. go to pizza brain

7. make it to the Whitney

8. explore Brooklyn

I think that is a good start.



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2 responses to “Goal-y McGoals/ Dreamy McDreams

  1. i haven’t been to pizza brain either!! lets go!

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