Did Ben Franklin really say that?

“beer is proof that God loves us, and wants us to be happy.”

this quote is attributed to Benjamin Franklin. I dunno if he said it or not, but it is a true sentiment. sort of like the one I heard in a sermon this morning while getting ready for work from my old priest in Nashville about Jesus turning water into wine being his first miracle. (whoo, run on sentence) and the fact that this first miracle is representative of Christ bringing joy to the human condition. which wine represents.

*not grape juice people, wine.

Anyways, I digress.

Yesterday after church and a visit while people were eating brunch, I and my co-worker Ting and her husband took a trip out to Chester County PA to the home of one of the neuromuscular attendings– and learned how to brew beer.

This man is one of the coolest doctors I know. He looks like a football player, is a wealth of knowledge about every gene in ALS, all the nerves of the body and all the muscles, AND beer making. (did I also mention that he is a good cook and baker?)

At any rate, I have worked with him numerous times over the years and he invited me out to meet his family and neighbors and eat some yummy food and get a crash course in beer brewing.

it took me almost 3 years to do it. but I did.

The two beers on the list were a chocolate peanut butter porter and a belgian pale ale. he and his neighbors had these huge cauldrons and gas tanks and a big heater out on his deck. I learned about mash, and mashouts. hops and when to add them to the pot. how to change the aroma and the flavor. what an IBU is. how a beer is “balanced”. It was so fun! complete nerdy chemistry fun.

AND I got to sample a few of the beers that were ready to try.

Thankfully I also had on ear warmers, lined mittens, and a neck warmer. (it was freezing!)

I’ll be back when the porter is ready. Who doesn’t love something with chocolate and peanut butter?!


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