Labels. do they stick? also, why I love Donald Glover.

It’s MLK Day. I don’t have this day off. of course. 

I also watched The Amazing Spiderman this past weekend with Sarah and thoroughly enjoyed it.

But then this morning, I happened upon a REFINERY 29 Article on Season 2 of Girls, and apparently (I don’t have HBO to go) Donald Glover is Lena Dunham’s love interest currently and a discussion of race and the idea of hipster racism cropped up.

This then led me down the rabbit hole to a Donald Glover interview about his craft, and the backlash he experienced when the possibility of him being the new Spiderman was on the table.

He mentions that he expected for people to be pissy, that even nerds are racist, and that being called all sorts of choice words was not a surprise. However, he got a very polite letter from a dissenter who said, “There are no black kids like Peter Parker, and therefore it is not believable.”  This remark was the one that infuriated him.

And boy. That angers me too. 

I’m sure everyone remembers the ugliness when The Hunger Games came out in theatres, and how all of these tacky teenagers were angry that Rue was black.

And then people say that we live in a post-racial world. 

It can be exhausting to have labels thrust upon you by other people and your own people and feel like you are suffocating underneath them. It is obnoxious for people to assume that they know about you and your culture from their voyeuristic observations. 


No, I do not talk “White.” I happen to like the English language as it ought to be spoken. 

No, your ability to do a body roll or sing in a gospel choir does not give you a “pass.”

And never start a statement, with “no offense.”

People say, “it’s 2011. is this even relevant?”

well apparently if the powers that be STILL freak out about a Black Spiderman (how does an orphan living in Queens who likes science make that not possible?!) or a Black James Bond, or a cute little girl from a district in Panem, we haven’t gotten too far.

Life imitates art. or is it the other way around…the lines blur so much.


*And just because it pisses me off so. Hipster racism is so rampant. All their friends look alike, but they want to listen to all the underground hip hop. They claim to be so progressive, but that stops when it’s no longer condescending to the “minority poor” and actually calls for friendship amongst equals. 

okay. i’m done.

Donald Glover, when your penchant for Asian Girls decreases, let me know. 



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5 responses to “Labels. do they stick? also, why I love Donald Glover.

  1. No offense, because my voyeuristic observation of you is that you’re a diehard Hunger Games fan, but my anger about the movie stemmed from the fact that none of the kids looked at all hungry. Does that make me a “lookist”?

  2. Lol. Very true statement Jeff. There was no difference between the tributes at all!

  3. No offense, but you’re like 1/4 hipster, at least.

    I think part of the problem is that people are too afraid to have open conversations about race with people of other races.

  4. 1. I miss you.
    2. you are absolutely right about people not having open conversations about race that crosses ethnic groups. And without that sort of honesty, we are not going to get very far.

    1/4 hipster eh? teehee. 🙂

  5. Anyone who is allowed to hang out at Fido all the time has to be at least 1/4 hipster.

    And about the open conversations thing, I think that it happens more and more with each generation. Our kids will think of race in an entirely different way than we do. Just like we see things differently from our parents and our grandparents. It’s really hard to change something that’s been ingrained in someone since childhood (especially if said childhood was 60 years ago). It’s a lot easier to instill a different belief system in the next generation of children. Boy, do I have some stories to tell that fit in with this conversation. But I’m not going to post them online in order to protect the (not so) innocent. 🙂

    I miss you too.

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