Sing Me A Song

So when I had facebook, I would post an annual post about the music that I loved/discovered/helped maintain my sanity over the past year. Since I left at the early part of December, I didn’t get to do it before deleting my account, and I honestly forgot about it until driving into work this morning.

It’ll be unconventional–songs, albums and thoughts about them.

 Frank Ocean- Channel Orange

breakout songs- Pink Matter, Pyramids, Thinkin’ Bout You

of course everyone knows the last song. Reminds most of us of our first love and all of the discovery and angst. and Ocean’s falsetto. but Pink Matter with the help from Andre 300…that’s the truth.

The XX- Coexist

breakout songs- Chains, Reunion, Sunset

I actually prefer the songs I listed to the single Angels. The melancholy and the bass. This band gets me. I feel like I should be at some obscure lounge in NYC or London drinking alone with a lot on my mind while listening to this album.

*Phantogram- Night Life (EP)

– this came out in 2011, but I just found it. super super good.

Polica- Give you the Ghost

if Bon Iver says your his new favorite band, well, I’ll listen.

Ellie Goulding- Halcyon

*Hanging on– you know, insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

Stars- The North

Breakouts- hold on when you get love; walls; die together

Canadians are awesome. that is all. GO SEE THEM IN CONCERT!

Metric- Synthetica

Emily Haines can do no wrong. The band says the album is about what is true and authentic in the midst of counterfeits. The song Gimme Sympathy is an instant classic. “Come on baby give me something, like “Here Comes the Sun.””

Santigold- Master of My Make Believe

breakouts- God from the Machine, Disparate youth, The Keepers

I am still irritated I missed her in concert.

Good times. Enjoy everyone. 🙂


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