on living simply or the myth of the rich doctor

so finances will be tight for the start of 2013. courtesy of the monopoly that is the board of medical examiners, I have $2700 to pay by february 15 for my neurology boards that I do not take until September. 

they of course take credit cards. bastards.

in other news, i also have to sign up for an unrestricted medical license to sit for the boards. now i’m not one to tout the need for bigger government, but this is a time when i which that states had a universal fee to pay for a license to practice medicine. 

especially since the PA license cost $35 and the NY license cost $735 (gag). and there is a vicious rumor that the CA license is $1000 plus. enough incentive to not move west. sheesh.

I would love to know where these people think money is coming from. at any rate, there will be a paucity of movie going, concert attending, any sort of shopping, eating/drinking out for the next few months. 

did i mention i am moving in 6 months too, so I have to somehow put aside some money for that too. <hits head against a brick wall repeatedly>

so I said I wanted to learn how to live simply. how to learn contentment and gratitude for what I already have. 

Thanks God. I appreciate the gift. 

while this is not necessarily the most fun lesson to learn—you know, wanderlust is seducing me, and I feel that a lot of social things include money, I know it is a good one. 

And the key is to sacrifice things that I want, while being intentionally generous to other people in the midst of this. Keep giving, being more thoughtful, etc.

It’ll be good for the soul.

AND as I tweeted today, Necessity is the muse of ingenuity. I plan on looking around in the pantry and using what i’ve got. cooking/baking/experimenting more. writing more actual letters/notes/cards. 

maybe sittng on my couch and enjoying music more or re-reading and reviewing old books and movies. 

…..anyway, I’ve got a research project to work on anyway. and I can invite people over more.

a work in progress. stay tuned.


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