you only get what you give, and sometimes you get way more than you deserve

that title is a bit of a mashup between the title of two songs from the bands Vertical Horizon and Third Day, respectively.

Of all the things I will miss about Philadelphia, the greatest thing will be my church. I feel like I hit the jackpot in every city I’ve lived in.

I miss Church of the Redeemer in Nashville still, but Liberti has become very near to my heart. 

in many ways both of these segments of the Family of God have contributed to my spiritual growth. 

they have and are teaching me about community in some of the most beautiful and painful ways.

And I am being reminded of God’s provision and care for me through the people I’m living out my faith with.

I just want to say that whenever I feel that it is not possible for God to show His love for me anymore than he already has, He somehow manages to exceed Himself. yet again.

I only hope that I can be available to let Him love others through me as lavishly as He has loved me through people.

and now, i’m going to bed. my head is revolting at the lights. pardon the sentences that end in prepositions or have comma splices. it’s the headache’s fault.


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