If you can’t take heat

then please get out of the kitchen.

This is currently my 1 of 3 pediatric neurology calls left ever. Thank God. I hate pediatric neurology. sorry.

It’s at least home call, but I didn’t leave until 8 o’clock tonight. I’m eating my leftover oven-roasted corn and listening to the new Stars Album courtesy of NPR. It looks like l am going to get to see them while I’m in Nashville at Mercy Lounge. A place near and dear to me. up there with the Ryman and Exit/In.

so the point of this post: I am irritated.

There are times I feel that men-women was easier when we were boy-girl and in high school. as much as I know this isn’t true.  at least, if I guy was hanging out with you all the time or making time for you and seemed interested, people wouldn’t let him get away with it. you know, your friends embarrassing you by asking James if he liked you or not. or if he was dating you? they would call those wusses out. 

l feel like now I should just be content with what attention I get regardless of how ambiguous. which is super frustrating to me. and insulting. I’m tired of crumbs of interest. I’m done with men being on the fence.  just leave me alone.

or be a man and make your interest known. I don’t want to be your friend. 

why is this so difficult? and why do people think i’m intimidating?

i’m quite sweet actually. 


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