on contentment

I like pretty things. I like new things. I like to attribute this to my penchant for collecting.

On Sunday I had a very constructive and insightful conversation with my Father about consumerism, commercialism, materialism and Christianity. When did prosperity mean wealth and more stuff and a comfortable life, and how did Western Believers equate God’s blessings with tangibles.

we take a lot of issue with people who are flashy and extravagant– Jim Baker, Joel Osteen, Mitt Romney– these people who go on and about Jesus, and live lives very counter to his in their lack of moderation. (who needs a million-dollar home, multiple fancy cars, and just because you CAN should you?)

But we all wrestle with “need”versus “want”, being content with what we have, what the line actually is between enjoying things in life and taking license.

Daddy was telling me about a desire to downsize, about how the Holy Spirit had impressed upon him that he was given more, to give more to others.

And I started thinking— I can apply this truth to my life right now. I don’t have to wait to live a life that is intentional in moderation, disciplined, and tempered. It doesn’t make desires for an ipad or a new pair of shoes bad. But it should cause me to give pause before i’m off to get the next thing.


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August 16, 2012 · 11:12 am

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