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clarity, not just a jimmy eat world album

Just to clear up,

i was not angry in my last post.

just tired.

since that might not have been clear.



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If you can’t take heat

then please get out of the kitchen.

This is currently my 1 of 3 pediatric neurology calls left ever. Thank God. I hate pediatric neurology. sorry.

It’s at least home call, but I didn’t leave until 8 o’clock tonight. I’m eating my leftover oven-roasted corn and listening to the new Stars Album courtesy of NPR. It looks like l am going to get to see them while I’m in Nashville at Mercy Lounge. A place near and dear to me. up there with the Ryman and Exit/In.

so the point of this post: I am irritated.

There are times I feel that men-women was easier when we were boy-girl and in high school. as much as I know this isn’t true.  at least, if I guy was hanging out with you all the time or making time for you and seemed interested, people wouldn’t let him get away with it. you know, your friends embarrassing you by asking James if he liked you or not. or if he was dating you? they would call those wusses out. 

l feel like now I should just be content with what attention I get regardless of how ambiguous. which is super frustrating to me. and insulting. I’m tired of crumbs of interest. I’m done with men being on the fence.  just leave me alone.

or be a man and make your interest known. I don’t want to be your friend. 

why is this so difficult? and why do people think i’m intimidating?

i’m quite sweet actually. 

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on contentment

I like pretty things. I like new things. I like to attribute this to my penchant for collecting.

On Sunday I had a very constructive and insightful conversation with my Father about consumerism, commercialism, materialism and Christianity. When did prosperity mean wealth and more stuff and a comfortable life, and how did Western Believers equate God’s blessings with tangibles.

we take a lot of issue with people who are flashy and extravagant– Jim Baker, Joel Osteen, Mitt Romney– these people who go on and about Jesus, and live lives very counter to his in their lack of moderation. (who needs a million-dollar home, multiple fancy cars, and just because you CAN should you?)

But we all wrestle with “need”versus “want”, being content with what we have, what the line actually is between enjoying things in life and taking license.

Daddy was telling me about a desire to downsize, about how the Holy Spirit had impressed upon him that he was given more, to give more to others.

And I started thinking— I can apply this truth to my life right now. I don’t have to wait to live a life that is intentional in moderation, disciplined, and tempered. It doesn’t make desires for an ipad or a new pair of shoes bad. But it should cause me to give pause before i’m off to get the next thing.

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August 16, 2012 · 11:12 am

Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off

that title is a reference to a Peter Bjorn and John song.

I really like them. if you haven’t heard them, check them out. or the song “Second Chances” or “Young Folks.”

at any rate, this blog is just an opportunity to bask in the amazingness of life and how it takes us in the CRAZIEST directions. Seriously, I never know what the next day will bring.

I also love the olympics. but not tramp stamps.

that is all.

I leave you with a photo of my co-resident Caitlin and me in primary colors at work.

we are quite fashionable.

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the Ebb and the Flow

that’s life isn’t? we do something religiously, and then fall away repeatedly.

I was making a mixed cd for a friend recently, and had to take out my external hard drive to find some of the songs I was looking for. I love how music immediately takes me back to some past event or emotion. I appreciate that time still manages to heal old wounds though, and that old love and hurt can be looked at almost as if I’m watching it on a projector, and not having to relive it. Interestingly though, the good will hit me like a weight and take my breath away. I don’t want that to ever change.

I’ve been investigating new music again. and gearing up for some upcoming shows that I am really excited for! I’ll be sure to discuss them when the time comes.

I’ve got nothing else today.

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