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The Last year of my 20s

So I turned 29 a week ago. It was heralded by a solo Polica concert at Johnny Brenda’s, since none of my friends bought tickets before they sold out.

It was also bookended by an invitation to the Kinfolk Dinner (!!!).

The day of, I was on call for Pediatric Neurology (not so fun). And sadly, the mother of a dear friend passed away during the morning.

So both death and life were interestingly juxtaposed on this birthday.

It feels strange, but not really. I am probably the same size as I was when I entered college. but I’ve got more grey hairs, my smile lines might be more branded into my face, and I’ve definitely internally changed.

I’m almost 30. I actually found an old journal entry from 15 years ago about where I would be right around now.

The only thing that is true is that I’d be almost finished with training. HAH!

No family of my own. No real idea of what in the world I really want to do, where I want to do it, and who I want to embark on a journey with.

Funny how much life changes.

But it is exciting. I’m interviewing for fellowships. And literally praying that the Holy Spirit reveals what in the world I’m supposed to do with all of this training. I feel sort of hesitant to make rigid plans. as if something (or someone?) important is just around the corner, that is going to alter my trajectory in someway.

I have so many false starts that I don’t know what to think. That precarious position between hope and practicality is getting tedious.

We’ll see. Things might have just gotten interesting. I am horrible at staying mum with people I see in person, so I’ll at least be good and not wax too verbose about something that might be nothing for now. (I hope too much!)

here are some pictures!


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2011: The Year of the Snub

As I like to consider my birthday the start of a new year, I am glad to say that years 27/28 are behind me. 

This past year I have coined “The Year of the Snub”

— not being invited to weddings of old roommates

— having a guy re-return only to leave again in the most cowardly way possible–after he gets a birthday gift and visit AND doesn’t even have the conversation in person, but on gchat. GCHAT people. 

— having people that you thought were friends just fall off the face of the earth with no explanation. and when confronted, still have no explanation.

–having a guy seem interested in you, only to invite you and his “quasi-girlfriend” that he didn’t tell you about to a family birthday celebration. AND then flaking out on every social thing you invite him to.


BUT, I think these events have removed a lot of the dross and drama that so easily can sneak its way into our lives. It drove me to a lot of soul-searching and purging of hard feelings and anger towards all of the above. 

I do agree that if I can get through most things, they make a good time or a good story. 

And so, year 29, please be full of joy and fun new experiences, interesting people, contentment (most of the time), good food and music, and maybe, just maybe, love.


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