So this is the New Year

Sorry for the delay. I had no excuse. December was not busy. I just got lazy. and I did bake. a lot. and yet, no proof. hmm. well, with no further ado. here are a few pics from here and there and in between. AND from New Year’s Eve—I DJed a party for friends. we had a photobooth thanks to one friend, and a bartender, thanks to another. it was a blast. we played all the greats. aaliyah, michael, madonna, david bowie, busta, daft punk, even katy perry’s song mad an appearance.

did I mention that I went to Vegas with Ellie? Or that our friend Adrienne married our friend George? Yeah, that happened too.

You should’ve seen the back of that dress. šŸ™‚ Happy New Year!


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