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something old, something new

So I never posted pictures of my adventure with hand-drawn noodles with my friend Elham back in September. Without further ado:

I definitely must come back now that the weather is getting cooler. This would be perfect for a chilly fall night. We topped that weekend off with dinner at Resurrection Ale House. There were mutant black flies running a muck ( I think from the windows being open) so the chef felt bad, and gave us free dessert. I thought it was considerate of them. We had a cupcake flight!

In conclusion, This is my last week of being the senior for the Stroke Service. One of my favorite attendings finished his two weeks of being service on Friday. I baked for the occasion. Sea Salt chocolate chip cookies.

tasty!  I also made cake batter rice krispie treats for a friend.

see those sprinkles!?

Have a great week.


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