packing on the pounds

not really, but this weekend was full of deliciously unhealthy treats.

Saturday morning I trekked to Manhattan with friends Telsa and Michelle to meet my dear old roommate Silpa and her husband for lunch.

We met at Balthazar, a french bistro in Soho that I’ve wanted to try for years, but the wait is usually too long. It was quite crowded and not overrated at all. I had a white bean and tomato bisque. Given that I haven’t seen Silpa in almost a year, I forgot to take pictures of the soup, but it was a winner.

We then did the usual Top Shop, Muji, Uniqlo, Madewell corridor.

Ah but then! We went to the Hester Street Fair, and had this little beauty–

Y’all it was divine. That is  red velvet cake sandwiching cream cheese ice cream. Next to me is Michelle. We both squealed after biting into it.

We rounded the evening out with a healthy dinner at Gobo–a vegetarian restaurant in the west village. We all had the spicy Vietnamese noodles with seitan (I am usually not fond of meat substitutes, but this was really good).

Then Sunday after church, two carloads of us went out to Media, PA to linvilla orchards. I should’ve taken pictures of apples and apple picking, but Krystal will post hers, and I’ll do a photo blog a little later. This place is awesome. The real winner however were the fried oreos…and also the pumpkin funnel cake, but I digress.

I had never had fried oreos before, but I would say they might help perpetuate world peace.

the powdered sugar, the warm batter ,the melty cookie on the inside. Praise God FOREVER!

Happy Monday!


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