Review Time! The film The Fall and the new St. Vincent Album

yes. It has been awhile.  I had a very exhausting and long week. Didn’t get to make it to the gym, 12+ hr days everyday, mudslides and flooding that made it extremely stressful to get to work.

the usual.

But I had Saturday off. And tonight I watched The Fall:

it is an extremely fantastical and beautifully filmed movie with Lee Pace (from Pushing Daisies!) It is about a stuntman who injures himself after a daring jump goes awry, and who befriends a young girl who has broken her arm and is in the hospital with him. He weaves together a tale of revenge and love with the ulterior motive of getting the girl to bring him narcotics. It is absolutely stunning and the soundtrack is GORGEOUS! It was written by Krishna Levy. I’ll need to look into purchasing it.

In other news, You can stream the new St. Vincent Album Strange Mercy on I love the juxtaposition of her cheery calm voice and the sometimes dark or at least very biting imagery that she creates. The video for one of the singles–Cruel is quite chilling–with a very “Leave it to Beaver” gone to hell sort of theme.

Okay, I confess that I made nutella meringues last Sunday and forgot to make pictures of the process (they were delish). But my next post will be about my visit to a hand-drawn noodle bar in Chinatown with my friend Elham.

I’ll be back!

And i’ll say it again, TELL ME WHO YOU READERS ARE! It’s driving me bonkers!


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