last bit of freedom

I have been on outpatient electives for the last 2 months. That means no answering my work phone for annoying calls, no being in the hospital besides for clinic, meetings, checking my mail…..not AS MUCH responsibility.

And I have really enjoyed it. I realized that I am an outpatient sort of person, and don’t particularly like or miss the hospital and inpatient care. Unfortunately, I have this year and another year to go of residency, so I can’t peace out yet.

Monday I must arrive bright and early to the Neuro-Intensive Care Unit for the next 2 weeks (i work all 7 days next week too), then I’m the senior on two inpatient services for the next 2 months. Oh well, the time will fly I’m sure.

In other news my parents are dropping in this week. So sad that it is when I don’t have as much free time, but it will be nice just the same.

And so to celebrate the last weekend before I have to save lives again, I am going to leave you with the delightful pictures of the Roasted Blueberry cupcakes from the How Sweet It Is blog. Instead of dark chocolate frosting, I made a vanilla bean sour cream frosting. They were a success at the cookout I brought them to.

Today I marbled my nails, I’ll have to putz about with the pictures a bit, but that might be my next post….or the maybe the nutella meringues I’m going to make for my dad. stay tuned.


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