Oh what a beautiful morning…

Yesterday I had the absolute pleasure of meeting some dear friends for brunch. What made this brunch even more fun was that I got to spend some time with a delightful little guy as well (their son, Asher is 4 months old). Since I didn’t ask, I am not going to post him on here, but rest assured he is freakin adorable.

We explored South Philly, and ate at a place called Green Eggs Cafe.

(that picture is courtesy of http://www.finedinerestaurants.com).

We ate on the side patio; it was a lovely morning. Although we did have a strange hostess that wouldn’t go away and kept invading Asher’s personal space. I had french toast stuffed with crunchy peanut butter and garnished with fruit and whipped cream. Very similar to this below:

(courtesy of Thrillst Philadelphia)

pretty amazing. I also ordered a side of bacon. win win.

Afterwards we took a stroll through the neighborhood and I purchased some vintage sunglasses since I left mine at home. Here I am below:

I then went my own way to further delve into South Philly’s cafe scene, and settled on Brew/Ultimo.

For any Nashvillians, it reminds me of JJ’s Market because you can buy beer here (either by the glass or make your own specialty 6-pack) AND also has pastries, sandwiches, and coffee/tea drinks. I settled in and read some neuroanatomy, while others were playing chess, meeting with friends and family, loudly talking on the phone, etc. A very low key and enjoyable day. Here is a pic of Brew/Ultimo.

Green Eggs Cafe

1309 Dickinson St

Philadelphia, PA


Brew Ultimo

1900 south 15th street

Philadelphia, PA


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