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i’m alive

I’ve just been working 12 hour days for the last week and a half. And the parents were visiting last week which was nice.

The only exciting thing I did was eat at Barbuzzo last week—an amazing experience.

Oh, and survived an earthquake, Irene, and the neuro-icu. Stay tuned.

and if you read this blog, feel free to leave a message. I can’t help but wonder who the 600+ views are from.

happy tuesday!


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last bit of freedom

I have been on outpatient electives for the last 2 months. That means no answering my work phone for annoying calls, no being in the hospital besides for clinic, meetings, checking my mail…..not AS MUCH responsibility.

And I have really enjoyed it. I realized that I am an outpatient sort of person, and don’t particularly like or miss the hospital and inpatient care. Unfortunately, I have this year and another year to go of residency, so I can’t peace out yet.

Monday I must arrive bright and early to the Neuro-Intensive Care Unit for the next 2 weeks (i work all 7 days next week too), then I’m the senior on two inpatient services for the next 2 months. Oh well, the time will fly I’m sure.

In other news my parents are dropping in this week. So sad that it is when I don’t have as much free time, but it will be nice just the same.

And so to celebrate the last weekend before I have to save lives again, I am going to leave you with the delightful pictures of the Roasted Blueberry cupcakes from the How Sweet It Is blog. Instead of dark chocolate frosting, I made a vanilla bean sour cream frosting. They were a success at the cookout I brought them to.

Today I marbled my nails, I’ll have to putz about with the pictures a bit, but that might be my next post….or the maybe the nutella meringues I’m going to make for my dad. stay tuned.

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New York State of Mind

So I clearly was made for city life. I really love New York City. This weekend I met my friend Rebecca and we traipsed around the city. It was splendid despite the torrential downpour today.

We were both delayed getting into the city Friday night because of traffic. We met up at our hotel (thank you priceline’s “name your price.”), made ourselves presentable, and then headed to the West Village to the Spotted Pig—a British gastropub owned by Jay Z. Rebecca is a vegetarian, and neither of us were super hungry so we got a few small plates and caught up.

We then met up with some friends of mine from high school at a french cafe called the Pink Pony for the remainder of the night.

Saturday was a leisurely day of Century 21 exploring (we each both awesome boots for the winter), brunch in the East Village, and then meeting up with Rebecca’s friends for dinner and shenanigans. I also convinced everyone to check out Sockerbit–the only Swedish Sweets Shop in the country.

See below:

We stayed in the West Village talking and laughing the remainder of the night, and then finished off with a rainy day brunch at Elsewhere.

absolutely ideal.

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Oh what a beautiful morning…

Yesterday I had the absolute pleasure of meeting some dear friends for brunch. What made this brunch even more fun was that I got to spend some time with a delightful little guy as well (their son, Asher is 4 months old). Since I didn’t ask, I am not going to post him on here, but rest assured he is freakin adorable.

We explored South Philly, and ate at a place called Green Eggs Cafe.

(that picture is courtesy of

We ate on the side patio; it was a lovely morning. Although we did have a strange hostess that wouldn’t go away and kept invading Asher’s personal space. I had french toast stuffed with crunchy peanut butter and garnished with fruit and whipped cream. Very similar to this below:

(courtesy of Thrillst Philadelphia)

pretty amazing. I also ordered a side of bacon. win win.

Afterwards we took a stroll through the neighborhood and I purchased some vintage sunglasses since I left mine at home. Here I am below:

I then went my own way to further delve into South Philly’s cafe scene, and settled on Brew/Ultimo.

For any Nashvillians, it reminds me of JJ’s Market because you can buy beer here (either by the glass or make your own specialty 6-pack) AND also has pastries, sandwiches, and coffee/tea drinks. I settled in and read some neuroanatomy, while others were playing chess, meeting with friends and family, loudly talking on the phone, etc. A very low key and enjoyable day. Here is a pic of Brew/Ultimo.

Green Eggs Cafe

1309 Dickinson St

Philadelphia, PA


Brew Ultimo

1900 south 15th street

Philadelphia, PA

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weekend wars

I hope you all had a good weekend. I sure did. It was very busy and alternating in heat and rain. but splendid.


Friday, I DJed a party with my friend Seth.

It was a fun time. We had a bit of a snafu with grooveshark, but Spotify saved the day and our playlist went off without a hitch. I am not a lady gaga or katy perry fan, but you sometimes do what you must. And thankfully the crowd appreciated old school Madonna and Prince too. There were more dancey songs I wanted to put in, but alas, it depends on the scene.

Saturday after a long time waiting for my car to get serviced, I went to Beadworks with my friend Alli and bought some supplies to make these earrings below  which I wore to the Northern Liberties Festival with Telsa on Sunday. (Photos courtesy of Telsa)

not shabby right? If you want to know how to make them, let me know.


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