a little nonsense now and then

or getting creative is always a welcome diversion in the midst of feeling mentally overwhelmed.

I have to renew my Acute Cardiac Life Support certification every 2 years, so since they like to make this as difficult as possible, I had to go pick up a CD from a simulation center. A CD mind you that didn’t work on any computer I tried it on, and that also didn’t work after calling the troubleshooting hotline (useless I tell you). Then I tried downloading it to my computer from online….to no avail.

Thanks to one of my co-residents I finally got it to work. But that was half the battle. The stupid simulations are way too difficult and obsessed with minutiae to be much help to me.

So when I wanted to scream and throw the computer against a wall, I instead made the custard for ice cream.

Blackberry-Raspberry Basil to be exact. Churning will happen tomorrow.

after finally beating the ACLS at its own game. I made some jewelry (1 for me and 1 for a friend). I am pretty pleased, since I just picked up this hobby again a few weeks ago.



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2 responses to “a little nonsense now and then

  1. lisa

    love the jewelry! 🙂

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