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Some say Shiksa

This post will be a random turn from the norm since it is neither about food or travel, nor music or movies.

It is about men.

As a rule my personal life (read: love life) will not be mentioned on this site unless I start planning a wedding (don’t hold your breath). But this is just too great for words.

For some background before the onslaught of images– I am black (shocker, I know from the pictures) and Southern, so the Jewish population was practically nonexistent in my town in Mississippi. I think we had one family of 3 boys who played soccer (be still, my heart). My parents did me the favor (or fault) of placing me in private school for the first 9 years of my schooling. This led to my being socialized with a bunch of White WASPs, and my already bookish quality merely added more to that influence.

When puberty hit, It became clear that I was set for a teenage life of singleness b/c no one wanted to date the black girl. I know, I know, tragic story. At that point, I started reading everything I could on the civil rights movement, the Harlem Renaissance, and the Holocaust, Pograms, etc. I was fascinated by another group of people horribly marginalized throughout the Western World, and was curious about people who besides for having interesting sounding names couldn’t necessarily be picked out of a crowd of White people and yet were still targets for all sorts of nasty feelings. Also the interface of ethnicity and religion and culture fascinate me. I hope it is also not too trite, that being a practicing Christian makes Jewishness very important me, given that 3/4 of what I believe is direct tied to Judaism and Jewish thought.

It only seemed fitting to me that we all–Jews and Blacks should be the best of friends.

Of course it is not that easy.

Fast forward to college and the rest of my adult life, in which I am now surrounded by Judaism on a regular basis (the joys of medicine—especially neurology) and Philadelphia, and it is highly amusing. To make it funnier, my very devoutly Christian Mother is somehow fixated on me marrying a Jewish man. I don’t know how she thinks this is going to work, but it is something she is really into.

As my luck would have it, if given a line up of men and told to pick the one I find attractive, 9 times out of 10 he will end up being Jewish. It’s painful really, since usually I am the exact opposite of what he is looking for. HAH! And so I have accepted my fate of being ever drawn to these men with whom I will click with intellectually, socially, professionally, but alas—their mothers might have coronaries if they bring me home.

With no further ado, I leave homage to one sort of man who makes my heart skip a beat.


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The Battle of the Brunches

A couple of weekends ago, I went to brunch with my friend Karen (a theme in my posts here–exploring Philly with Karen) in the Spring Garden area. We were debating whether to go to Honey’s Sit N’Eat, which is a southern style brunch place in the Northern Liberties neighborhood, or to Cafe Lift, a European style cafe tucked away on a quiet side street. I had heard about it from one of the stroke fellows at the hospital, and he sung its praises—especially the fact that you don’t have to wait long for a seat (unlike Honey’s).

So to Cafe Lift we went: (below photos courtesy of

Cafe lift is tucked away on a quiet street next to a very cool Japanese lifestyle store off of Spring Garden. It has a very industrial and funky interior with quirky chandeliers and exposed pipes. They play hip music, you know the drill. But the brunch fare is simple and well made– Frittatas of rotating variety, pancakes, french toast with innovative spins (think pumpkin), eggs benedict–all the ingredients are fresh and quality and it is obvious. They also have bottomless coffee–whether iced or hot.  Being reasonably priced is also a plus here.

Last weekend, I woke up early of my own volition, and my friend Seth convinced me to pick him up for brunch. We decided on Honey’s since I’d never been. It’s in a cute enclave in NoLibs, not too far from the curiosity tearoom (another post all together). Southern-style brunch fused with Jewish staples is offered here. bacon and eggs, biscuits, grits (which I am extremely picky about), challah french toast, and latkes with sour cream and apple/pear sauce; they also have their own homemade blueberry preserves at every table.  Bottomless limemade and lemonade (three cheers for bottomless drinks!) is also on the menu. The space is small, and there is usually at least a 20 minute wait since they don’t take reservations. It is a bit of a Philly institution–with hipsters and yuppies and normal people alike all flocking here for a bit of sustenance.

I must admit, I was not a fan of the biscuits. I don’t believe people up here really know what a biscuit is supposed to be like, and these were not the light and fluffy buttermilk kind I was expecting. But maybe they were going more for a scone, in which case–SUCCESS!

Cafe Lift

428 North 13th Street

Philadelphia, PA


Honey’s Sit N’Eat

800 North 4th street

Philadelphia, PA

*Last two images from the Let the tide pull our dreams ashore blog & gidgeteats respectively.

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a little nonsense now and then

or getting creative is always a welcome diversion in the midst of feeling mentally overwhelmed.

I have to renew my Acute Cardiac Life Support certification every 2 years, so since they like to make this as difficult as possible, I had to go pick up a CD from a simulation center. A CD mind you that didn’t work on any computer I tried it on, and that also didn’t work after calling the troubleshooting hotline (useless I tell you). Then I tried downloading it to my computer from online….to no avail.

Thanks to one of my co-residents I finally got it to work. But that was half the battle. The stupid simulations are way too difficult and obsessed with minutiae to be much help to me.

So when I wanted to scream and throw the computer against a wall, I instead made the custard for ice cream.

Blackberry-Raspberry Basil to be exact. Churning will happen tomorrow.

after finally beating the ACLS at its own game. I made some jewelry (1 for me and 1 for a friend). I am pretty pleased, since I just picked up this hobby again a few weeks ago.


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how does your garden grow

This afternoon, Karen and I ventured out to Chestnut Hill to the Morris Arboretum—a beautiful escape from the noise and hustle of the city, and a completely green and lush sanctuary. pictures below (after playing around with the various settings on it’s like instagram for your computer!)

that last picture might just be my favorite.

Morris Arboretum

100 Northwestern Ave

Philadelphia, PA

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God bless America, my home sweet home

Hello there!

Haven’t blogged lately mainly because my year ends at the same time the fiscal year does. New interns, fellows, and attendings always start July 1. I am now officially halfway through residency! Yay! Now I just have to figure out what I want to be when I grow up, and all will be well.

This month I am on elective, which means more time to bake and cook and explore and hopefully document things. I am in DC for the 4th of July visiting my friend Danna. So I don’t have much to chat about at the moment….maybe some photos of fireworks when I get back home.

For now, I leave you with an improptu playlist. It is triggered by my current feelings of gratitude and satisfaction (for which I am happy at the moment).

1. Natalie Merchant- Kind and Generous

2. Mikky Ekko- I Love You (I Always Have)

3. Des’ree- You Gotta Be

4. Brooke Waggoner- I Am Mine

5. Grizzly Bear- Knife

6. SBTRKT- Wildfire

7. Tune-Yards- Gangsta

8. Broken Social Scene- 7/4 Shoreline

9. Feist – I Feel It All

10. The Noisettes – Break Free

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