Ghanian Adventure

My good friend and former co-worker Karen is from Ghana. Her father was Ghanian and her mother is British….come to think of it, she didn’t come to the states until she was much older. …..I forget this until I hear her talking to people in the dialect she grew up speaking.

At any rate, we live in the same apartment complex, and she mentioned that she would like to take me to eat Ghanian food if I was interested. Which of course, I was. We made a little jaunt out to Northern Philadelphia, to a place that will remain cloaked in anonymity because I cannot remember the name and didn’t write it down.

It is a little mom and pop establishment, slow cooking things throughout the day, so if  a dish runs out, it is gone until the next day.

Below are a few dishes.

Before I share them, one thing. You eat with your hands. Actually, your right hand (to be culturally sensitive). So they even give you a bowl of warm water with soap, to wash your hands prior to eating. I’m a leftie, through and through… I didn’t succumb to social pressures. 🙂

that is Kelewele– fried plaintains seasoned with pepper and citrus. quite yummy.

that is an entire tilapia. grilled. complete with its head attached. messy to eat without utensils. but oh so satisfying.

that is Kenkey- cassava that is boiled, then mashed into a paste, and then I believe baked in a corn husk (kind of like a tamale). It has a sour-ish taste, reminscent of Ethiopian injera. the sauce next to it is tomato, pepper, onion, and lime. you’re supposed to break off pieces, mold it into a ball in your hand and then dip it into the sauce.

that is Karen’s meal- Omo Tuo and peanut butter soup. that is sticky rice to the right, and then a savory soup with unsweetened peanut butter as a base….it’s very earthy and has meat in it…i believe it’s beef? I’m not sure.

All in all a very yummy and educational experience. I would go back!

The ladies at the restaurant tried to convince me not to get the kenkey because they thought I wouldn’t like it. (oh the assumptions about American palates!) They were very impressed that I liked it.


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