a garden and a penitentiary

this weekend was enjoyable and full despite being on call saturday.

Friday night my friend Karen took me to eat Ghanian food (she is from Ghana) in Northern Philly. Stay tuned for a few pictures from dinner.

This post is about the Eastern State Penitentiary, which I went to see with my friend Ayschia, and a brief intro to my church’s garden.

there is my group’s plot above. and me holding a collard green leaf.

The Pen: apparently the first of its kind ever to exist—-the idea of prisoner reform and being “repentant” or paying “penance” for their crimes. It was designed by a young architect to instill fear in the general public (i.e. the fake castle facade), while being solitary confinement for the inmates complete with their own personal exercise garden.

….these lofty ideas went out of the window when the prison overcrowded…..but I digress. It has been out of use since 1971, when it was realized that the prison was too small and also in the middle of a nervous city, seeing as it was maximum security.

They have Halloween events, are open daily for tours, and even have an annual reunion with ex-prisoners and ex-guards.

There are lots of other fun facts too—Al Capone was imprisoned here for a short time, etc. But I’ll stop while I’m ahead.


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