A Little Quiet

So I’ve slowed down a bit on posting. Mostly because I’ve been a bit busy, and I’ve  seen how subpar my iphone is at taking pictures of things.

I’m going to get a new camera today, so stay tuned. While I’ve been away, I have done some baking—a chocolate chip cookie pie courtesy of “How Sweet It Is” and a chocolate cake courtesy of “FoodLoves.”

For now, I leave you with a review of a favorite of mine here in Philly.

Pub & Kitchen: the picture is above.

It is one of those classy Gastropubs with artisanal beer, farm-to-table produce, cheese, and meats, creative and classic cocktails (I happen to REALLY like alliteration).

There are no reservations, you just kind of come up and are seated when there is room available.

It has the romantic mood lighting, and everything is wooden….which isn’t the most comfortable, but it does have a charm.

Definitely a great place to meet with a few close friends for a bite.

My favorites?

The Churchill burger- which is a smoked beef burger with cheese of your choice and broiled onions.

The Mussels

The Cheese Platter

If you imbibe, there are beers galore (including one called the “speckled hen” as well as some summer special that incorporates Gin, cucumber, lime juice, and tonic water.



1946 Lombard St

Philadelphia , PA

*photos courtesy of  “a hamburger today” & “visit philly”


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