My Thoughts on insanity and “Black Swan”

So maybe I should’ve have seen this in the theatre. But I must admit I was pretty underwhelmed. I don’t feel confused and I don’t feel empathetic or moved or awed by the film.

For starters, Aronofsky has done better films– Pi and Requiem for a Dream were hard-hitters. This one not so much.

I get it, mentally fragile girl with overbearing pushy mother living vicariously through her has first psychotic break complete with paranoia and hypersexuality. Some people think this story is a reference to mother-daughter molestation. I don’t think so at all. In fact, I wonder if all  the nuances in Nina’s interactions with her mother, Lily, and Tomas are actually legitimate, or all in her head.

I see enough young people (sadly) in the throes of their first “psychotic break” (being a neurologist, it ends up being NMDA receptor encephalitis, but that’s all together another post), to have a clear of idea of what this looks like.

To me the most disturbing thing is how Natalie actually starts acting like a bird while she is the Black Swan (terrifying really!)

People seem shocked that Natalie delivered in this role, but I don’t understand why. Didn’t anyone see Closer back in 2004? Doesn’t anyone understand that sweet, disciplined women are merely a few feet away from snapping. 🙂


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