Put a little pep in your step

I have a confession– I really like the show “Gossip Girl.” I’ve been watching since it started on the CW back around 2008 or so I believe.  I say it is because my adolescence was pretty devoid of angst and drama, so I live vicariously through the fictional, beautiful, wealthy, and dysfunctional characters.

In addition, they have a great music coordinator. I’ve heard Robyn to Massive Attack to Kings of Leon to Miike Snow on the show. I am NOT a Lady Gaga fan, so I could care less about her….but I digress.

Oh Miike Snow. What a great one! The Swedish duo (childhood friends) previously produced and songwrote together (think Britney Spears’ Toxic), and then came out with their self-titled album in 2009.

It is so immensely catchy and fun. The entire album is smooth, dancey, and effortless, in a way that really only Europeans know how to pull off.  The song Animal was used at the end of of one of GG’s seasons during a scene with the infamous Georgina (played so well by Michelle Trachtenberg, for those who watch the show). Other standout tunes are Black and Blue, Cult Logic, and Song for No One.



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  1. Lisa M.

    miike snow and gossip girl are two of my favorite things 🙂 i always check the site to see if there will be a tour date somewhere around me.. alas, no luck yet.

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