How Sweet

   To the left here is one of best treats that might exists. When I was in medical school, I went on a long     weekend trip to New York City with some girlfriends. We ended up on LES dancing until the wee hours of the morning, and as we trudged out to hail a cab, happened upon a beacon of hope in the distance! A little creperie–sweet and savory, open until 4am (how fantastic!)

I have been on a quest for a creperie in Philadelphia since moving here, but I had forgotten. Leave it to my not-so-little brother to remind me during a visit.

To your left here are crepes at a place called Creperie Beau Monde. It’s in the Bella Vista part of town–which is quaint and cute. It also happens to be attached to a bar/dance club called L’Etage which is quite happening on the weekends.

They have both savory and sweet crepes–we had one of each. The savory ones are a bit more hardy, being made of buckwheat and all.

The sweet ones are just the best type of crepe you can imagine—light, but strong enough to hold caramelized apples, nutella, bananas, strawberries, dulce de leche…..okay I’ll stop.

So if you visit/ live in Philadelphia, checkout Creperie Beau Monde.

Creperie Beau Monde

624 S. 6th Street

Philadelphia, PA 19147


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