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It’s as easy as riding a bike

Except that I don’t know how to.

Shameful right? Here is my excuse:

When I was 5 I had a little purple bike with training wheels. I was doing quite well on them, and then decided I was ready for the training wheels to be removed. My friend Jason and I went on our first spin sans training wheels, and both ended up crashing during too sharp of a turn. I flipped over my bike and busted both knees.

From that time on, I refused to ride again. My parents didn’t make me (shame on them), and that was the end.

Now 23 years later, I’ve decided that I should do something about it. My friend Seth and I popped into a few bike shops in Philly over the weekend, and the first place was so nice (Thanks Evan!) that they even let me take the bike out in the street next to the store with a helmet to get a feel for the wheels.

I’m not going to lie, I was/am still terrified. Thankfully Seth didn’t get impatient with me, and humored my panicked “please don’t let go of the bike unless I tell you to” remarks.

This is going to take  some time, I have 20 years of fear of falling, breaking a bone, getting a concussion, knocking out a tooth, and looking like an idiot to overcome. But I really want to master it. I even found a cute bike that I believe will encourage me as well:

Wish me luck! And any pointers you have will be greatly appreciated.


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One man’s art, is another man’s crime

I am often behind when it comes to movies. I like to blame it on a crazy work schedule, and to be honest I don’t frequent the movie theatre like I used to do. So yesterday after a 14 hr night shift (thankfully with sleep!), I curled up on the couch to watch Exit Through the Gift Shop. It is the true story of a Frenchman obsessed with videotaping everything, who stumbles upon the world of street art. I presume it helps when you’re related to the infamous street artist Space Invader….but regardless, he ends up building a relationship with the shadowy Banksy.

So about Banksy, I studied in London for a summer during college and was fascinated by these stenciled paintings throughout the city—subversive statements, sewer rats, and the scenes where it appears that the surface you are looking at is being pulled back to reveal its true character. It was almost like a scavenger hunt to find them. I am now kicking myself for not taking more pictures of them. Guess I’ll have to go back.

At the time I had no idea who Banksy was, but it is pretty neat in retrospect to have a shared experience of seeing transient works of art on the street.

I was also this clueless in Paris a few years ago. My friend Kim kept stopping and taking pictures of these “pacman-like” mosaics scattered throughout the city, and I wondered what in the world was going on. I personally wonder why they wouldn’t commission this sort of creativity, but I am sure the whole point is to have your act of rebellion against the establishment.

I will leave you with a picture of me and a Banksy original:

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Music Mondays!

Maybe I can pull this off. I’ll try to expound a bit on what is playing on repeat on my ipod.

These days, as the summer heat rolls in like a tidal wave I’ve been listening to the new album “Rome” a creative effort between Danger Mouse (of Gnarls Barkley fame), Daniele Luppi (an Italian composer with a penchant for lush soundscapes), Jack White, and Norah Jones (as we’ve never seen her before!).

I happened upon it prior to release while scanning NPR for new albums to stream. The critics describe it as a “soundtrack without a movie.”  I’m sure we all remember the epic blockbusters of the 1990s that had film scores that did not always stand so well on their own (I don’t care what anyone says, “The Last of the Mohicans” IS an exception).

The idea of a soundtrack without a film is quite creative I think. And this album very much feels like a story from start to finish. If La Dolce Vita needed a soundtrack today, I could place Norah’s piece’s there for sure. Her voice is sultry and atmospheric and very European. A change from Come Away with Me and Feels Like Home, both of which I appreciate as well.  Jack White’s (I just cannot separate his name)  voice definitely conjures up the “spaghetti westerns” of bygone days, and the instrumentals are fantastic.

For the music snob amongst us, Pitchfork gave it a 7.0 out of 10. Not too shabby.

I reccommend listening to it with the windows down on a nice drive OR over a nice impromptu dinner party with your favorite red and good pasta and friends.


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It all started with

“Britt, why don’t you have a blog.”

I do have a blog actually. I started blogging when was the place to be, and I was about to graduate high school and wanted to keep up with my friends as we moved all over the country. We got over that of course. And then I opened a blog on as a way to vent about medical school, and boys who had put me through the ringer, and funny happenings. But it got trite. And boring.

I told my friend that, and he responded that I did neat things that I should document. Which I guess is true. I never considered blogging about my ice cream experiments, or the new music I’ve found, or the shows i’ve been too. or even the fact that I am learning two KEY childhood milestones this summer.

So here I am.

The name of the blog is a bit tricky. I wanted it to be Zeitgeists (I read a lot of German literature in college), but it was taken. So I decided to play around with the word a bit. A zeitgeist is a spirit of a time; a force that sums up the theme of a certain time in life. I hope this is a bit of fun and that you enjoy my goings ons here.


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How Sweet

   To the left here is one of best treats that might exists. When I was in medical school, I went on a long     weekend trip to New York City with some girlfriends. We ended up on LES dancing until the wee hours of the morning, and as we trudged out to hail a cab, happened upon a beacon of hope in the distance! A little creperie–sweet and savory, open until 4am (how fantastic!)

I have been on a quest for a creperie in Philadelphia since moving here, but I had forgotten. Leave it to my not-so-little brother to remind me during a visit.

To your left here are crepes at a place called Creperie Beau Monde. It’s in the Bella Vista part of town–which is quaint and cute. It also happens to be attached to a bar/dance club called L’Etage which is quite happening on the weekends.

They have both savory and sweet crepes–we had one of each. The savory ones are a bit more hardy, being made of buckwheat and all.

The sweet ones are just the best type of crepe you can imagine—light, but strong enough to hold caramelized apples, nutella, bananas, strawberries, dulce de leche…..okay I’ll stop.

So if you visit/ live in Philadelphia, checkout Creperie Beau Monde.

Creperie Beau Monde

624 S. 6th Street

Philadelphia, PA 19147

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